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"The MBT" is an Action Shooter PC game created by VIT University (Vellore) Multimedia & Animation students for Final year Project.

The game happens in a fictional world where two powerful inter governmental military alliance (NSTO and CATO) competing for the world dominance. The military has been mostly privatized. Militias backed by the NSTO occupied a town of a CATO country. A private defense company called Defense corp. was hired by the CATO to recapture the town.

The game was developed in a very short time, so the game may not be perfect.

Update :

Fixed AI glitch.


Movements - w,s,a and d (or) Arrow Keys

Toggle between first person and third person view - ctrl

Turret Movements - Mouse movement Left and Right

Gun Movements - Mouse movement Forward and Backward

Brake - Space bar

System Requirement (Recommended):

RAM - 2 GB

Graphics Memory - 1 GB


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Install instructions

No installation required just extract and play.


The MBT 1.2.zip 89 MB